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Frivolously Follow Me on This Friday! (Numero Tres)

"Follow Me Friday" is hosted by Parajunkie's View and Alison Can Read. This week's featured blogs and therefore supreme administers of question are Lisa Loves Literature and Once Upon a Prologue, both of which are also composed by immensely interesting people indeed. So what question have they inquired of us today?

If you could change the ending of any book (or series),
which book would you choose, and why?

*Warning: Spoiler ahead for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.
If you have not read it, get the hell off this page and PICK UP THE BOOK!

Almost every book-lover I know has devoured this novel as if its very words are heroin. Currently, the ending includes our ever-fascinating Lisbeth Salander deciding to subtly display her affection for Michael Blomkvist, the person who she has worked and slept with during the Harriet Vanger case, by purchasing him an Elvis Presley sign from the 1950s. However, the journey she makes to give this present ultimately shows her a prophetic portrait of Blomkvist and his occasional lover, Erika Berger, holding each other lustfully while on their way to Mikael's apartment. Lisbeth then departs from the scene and throws her gift into a dumpster, furious
     Now, this is quite a wonderful culmination since it really depicts Lisbeth's struggles to cope with the average life. But tossing that gift in a dumpster because she saw her potential lover with another woman is an action Elle Woods would perform. I want to see Lisbeth completely overcome by emotion and scare herself because of how overwhelming emotion is. I want to see her reaction to a much more shocking portrait.
     I want to see Blomkvist lustfully holding businesswoman Harriet Vanger, the missing individual who he located in rural Australia, instead
     And I desire that Lisbeth look at the two for a second and initially feel the equivalent betrayal she feels when Blomkvist is with Berger. Being Lisbeth, the woman would then become spooked to the highest feasible extent because she permitted her emotional thoughts for Blomkvist to overshadow her logical thoughts about how utterly unrighteous the couple's existence is; this relationship may cause him to have a bias towards the Vanger Corporation in his financial journalism. But the real core of the aforementioned event is Lisbeth realizing just how dangerous emotion is to the logical world. I want her to think, Is it really worth the risk?


  1. Thanks for stopping by The Book Nympho today.
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  2. Love your blog's look! Thanks for stopping by! I'm now following you, too.
    Haven't read the book you mentioned, but heard a lot about it of course.
    Happy Friday!

  3. I haven't read this book yet (although its on my to-read list) so I only skimmed your posting to avoid spoilers...but I found it pretty interesting that you would pick this one considering how many people love it! Now I'm really intrigued to read it for myself so that I can see what I think of the ending myself! Love your blog btw! :)

  4. i read this book and i think you make a good point.
    Trish - Friday's Memes

  5. Your visit to my corner of the blogosphere is very appreciated. I thought I'd come and do some sightseeing myself. :)

    I see your point here. Lisbeth did seem to give in too easily. I can also imagine Lisbeth devising some elaborate punishment for Mikael as a way for her to prove to herself that he didn't get to her. Both would work.

    I'm loving your turn of phrase and sense of humour evident in your blog. :)

    Shelagh (Following Back)
    The Word Fiend

  6. I really enjoyed the Steig Larsson trilogy. Lisbeth was a great character.

  7. Hopping through! I can't relate cos I haven't read this book. But it seems that you said your point very well.

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  8. New follower. Interesting choice. Never read this book. Come visit me over at Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog.

  9. I like how deeply you looked into the character. To stay true to the way she was developing maybe this was the way it should have gone down, or maybe she devolved and fell off the pedestal a little. :)Love does that some times.

  10. Hello! New follower! I have this whole series. I just haven't read them!

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  11. I know what you mean about Lisbeth - your response makes sense, but seeing her give up so easily is kind of hard! New follower hopping by!

  12. Hopping through. I only skimmed your answer just in case it mentioned the other two books, which I haven't read yet. I need to finish the series.
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    I stopped reading your post when I saw the book in question. I have it downstairs on my bookshelf waiting to be read.

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  17. I completely agree with you!

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  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower. I didn't read your post as I have yet to read that book, and I didn't want it spoiled. :-)

  19. I haven't read this one. Though, it seems as if you have put some thought in to it!

    Also enjoyed your TBR books for the fall! Good luck on reading those...some of the same are on my list!

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