More Speranza

So, the blog's not enough for you? You'd like more bursts of philosophy each day you are blessed with life? If so, my great thinker, you will be more than satisfied with visits to the following crevices of the Internet-

Tweeting with Homer's Muse
I each day maintain a one-sided correspondence with this classic component of The Odyssey. Daily tweets that describe what philosophical concept I have learned in the preceding 24 hours will be posted. I sincerely hope you will enjoy them

Uomo di Speranza on Figment
Here, you will find both poems and short stories that are specifically designed to make one think to his highest potential. For those who rather enriched reality than ornate theory.

Uomo di Speranza on Digg
I try to become as Internet-savvy as I can, discovering the secret crevices of this tool that we use daily to improve our lives. Look here to see some immensely intriguing articles that have pulled the strings of my attention, or even recommend pieces to the overly-analytical adolescent himself.

Uomo di Speranza on Stumbleupon
This is the place to find all of my meanderings on this indicative Internet. A visit here will with no doubt introduce you to some offbeat sites that....oh, my.....really? might actually enjoy! (Is there a fine border between comedy and oddity?) Stumble on, my friends!

Uomo di Speranza on Goodreads
Uomo di Speranza on Shelfari
Basically the same thing on two different websites. Catch up on what I'm reading, what I hope to read, and what I have read. Also, please friend me because with no more than ten friends on each website, I sort of look like a lonely person with no life. Which is technically me, but don't let me think about it too much.