About Blog

Me: A teenager in the midst of the second decade of the twenty-first century who is everyday confronted with the issues that have been prevalent in adolescence ever since they decided to cram all of of us "young adults" into an institution that was called "High School." Yet this teenager is not like others-he sees, reads, and analyzes things in a way that others around him do not. He has a mammoth phobia of becoming pompous, an addiction to the exquisite use of language, and a drive that makes him toil long hours into the night to work on what he knows he must accomplish. He tries to be intuitive and helpful, attempting to make a great impact on his peers in the process. He is a person waiting for someone to discover what he thinks are talents in writing, and most of all cannot wait to use these skills to fix the problems sometimes hopelessly interwoven into his world.

You: An accountant, educator, poet, engineer, student, introvert, fellow thinker, activist, dreamer, or whatever who through some bends and twists in the road of life has found their way here, to this blog. You may be searching for some guidance, looking for something to do while the snow piles in gargantuan drifts outside of your window, or just lazily surfing the Internet for fun. You are caught, as I am, in the enigmas and standards of the everyday rhythm of life. Maybe you are interested in examining them more closely...

One more addition to the "Me" section: I am not trying to speak over your head, and I do not intend to become the next Mahatma Gandhi with this blog. Overall, I would just like to have a genuine writing experience that benefits both me and all of you guys. Please-comment, respond, ask me questions, treat this as if a revival of an Ancient Greek Forum for crying out loud! As I have said in the paragraph at the top of this page, all that is required of you is an unstoppable willingness, no, unquenchable willingness, to think. There is something in my heart that tells me there is a bit of that virtue in everyone.

So now, we shall delve into the mechanics of this blog. Here's how it works: I read. I live my live. I write about any philosophical meaning I can extract from these unfathomable sources usually every other weekend. At periods of intense reading, I might post weekly; in periods when a novel is getting incredibly boring or I lost the book itself (with me, anything's  possible,) there may be a post every three weeks. That, hopefully, will not transpire frequently.

 If you look to the side of the page, you will see that my display name is "Uomo di Speranza." In Italian, this means "Man of Hope"-a virtue that I think, next to love, is the most imperative to a life of the human experience and one that I wish is in all of your hearts. I decided to begin this blog on Thanksgiving Day of 2010, and for that there is a reason: because that was the day when I gave thanks for all of the great experiences that I had been blessed with. And simultaneously on that day, I wished to begin another.