Thursday, August 2, 2012

Frivolously Follow Me this Friday! (Numero Seis)

"Follow Me Friday" is oh-so-wonderfully hosted by Parajunkie's View and Alison Can Read. So what question is inquired today?

Do your reading habits change based on your mood?

Hell to the yeah. When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, and my reading habits change drastically. The much simpler novels on my bookshelf instantaneously become more attractive, and I  might not even complete them. Although relaxation by cracking open any kind of novel would probably help me calm down, my stress-engulfed mind will probably prioritize the problem at hand over reading. A relaxed mood, on the contrary, makes the more complex reads on my bookshelf seem just dandy. It is during these times that I venture into classic authors as well as longer works by modern authors (such as The World According to Garp by John Irving--a post about that one is in the works, I promise!). 
     Now, let's get funky with this subject; funky meaning philosophical, of course. Moods usually come about because either one sees the events happening to him as similar in nature, or one event is so potent that it overshadows everything else. An unwanted mood can therefore be solved in two ways, the first of which being that if a person has a case of seemingly similar, repeated events, he should attempt to think about how those events are different. Find optimism in some event if you are surrounded by pessimism in most events, for example. The other way by which an unwanted mood can be solved is, if one event is potent enough to overshadow everything else, attempting to think of reasons why that event isn't so potent. Why that event isn't so powerful.
      Because more powerful than any event or series of events is the human mind.

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  1. Hopping through. i agree that simple books are good when I'm down, although they don't necessarily have to be happy books.
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  2. I am the same way it doesn't have to be happy books to perk me up , really its just comfort of an old favorite that will do the trick.

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  3. I like the way you think :) I rarely pick a book based on mood, more on where I feel like being.. and typically the book picks my mood for me as it progresses..

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  4. Nice answer.

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  5. Yes, simpler books are better when I'm down. Here from FF. Following you on GFC. You can find me at:

  6. LOL. And Mother Mary comes to me... :P

    I have to be in an specific mood to read some kinds of genres.

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  7. Nice answer - complex books are always easier to understand when I'm in a happier mood, as well. :)

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  8. Nice answer. (: I'm a new follower via GFC.
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    P.S. I often attempt to leave my secure little bubble. It is often unsuccessful :P

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Oooh, interesting answer! But I have to disagree, I think complex books are harder to comprehend when I'm really excited... I'm too happy to concentrate, LOL.

    By the way, your comment box comment is really funny! :)

  11. "A relaxed mood, on the contrary, makes the more complex reads on my bookshelf seem just dandy" Loved that! :)

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  12. For me I find my mood changes the genre that I want to read. I go through blocks where I only read one genre, then I randomly change to another one. But I don't find myself reading certain books because of the way I feel. Although I do find that the way I feel has an impact on how much I enjoy the book! So if I'm angry or sad I try and take a break from reading till I get over it :)

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  14. thanks for stopping by!
    I, too, have experienced moods that made me just not want to read. In those times, it certainly is a battle of mind over matter and while surrounding pessimism can be strong, and I have been known to succumb to it, if you think it, you can think yourself out of it :) thanks for sharing. new follower


  15. My mood are dictated by the books I'm reading and vice versa.
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  16. I tend to use reading as a distraction to stop myself dwelling on things... :-)


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