Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What's CHALLENGING Me in 2012

Challenges make you read. That's one of the many pros, and the one most important to me, because I just love to neglect reading as that oh-so-wonderful work load starts to a-pile up on my desk..yikes. And if I don't integrate reading with such work, I'll just become this introverted, unsociable machine who cranks out chem problems like Crispy Cremes cranks out doughnuts. Therefore, challenges for 2012 will include...

Les Mis Mania!!!

First off is Owl Tell You About It's (isn't that blog name a riot?) Les Miserables Reading challenge, hosted by Laura Ashlee of said, riotous blog. I encourage you to find out more about it!

Second is the "Chunkster Readalong-Les Miserables in 2012" challenge hosted by Kate of Kate's Library. And again, please find out more!

How will I be coordinating this? Well, I will write a blog post about what I have read by the end of each month. Said posts will be comprised of the philosophical insights you know and (hopefully) love about this blog. Got it? Good! I'm uber excited! 


  1. I love Les Mis. The book is definitely hefty, but it's good. And the show is great, too. Have you heard the cast for the new movie?

    P.S. I love the Titanic, too. I cry SO HARD every time I watch it!

  2. @Sara (of the Page Sage) THERE'S A MOVIE COMING OUT? You just made my day.

    And it's so hard not to cry, I know!

  3. Les Mis is one of my favourites...I'm going to try to join along. Happy reading to you!

    1. You definitely should! Although I am getting a bit behind myself...let's hope I can get one hundred pages done this weekend.*Nervous giggle*

  4. Yeah...um...I haven't even acquired my copy (**shifty side-eye towards stack of academic reading that needs to get done**)


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