Sunday, October 9, 2011

In My Neglected Mailbox Numero Dos

Dear Viewer Who Has Oh-So-Wonderfully Watched this Cry for Help,

Just as a prologue to this post...if you don't know what "In My Neglected Mailbox" is, feel free to watch the video posted to the right titled "They Want to Be Heard".

First, of all, "In My Mailbox" is a blog meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren ( and Alea at Pop Culture Junkie ( to let all of us book bloggers party on the web.

Second of all, the desperate book here is THE COLOR OF WATER: A BLACK MAN'S TRIBUTE TO HIS WHITE MOTHER by James McBride. If you do not want to experience it in book form, please feel highly encouraged to do so in musical form.

Fourth of all, thank you for giving my boisterous books your precious time. Trust that there will be another one hating on me on yet another post in the coming weeks.

Fifth of all, my response: This book definitely used different forms of the word "complete" in his video. And despite its obvious thoughtfulness, wouldn't Steve Jobs's life continue to "affect" as people use his ever-convenient devices? All of the effort he placed in his life is exemplified whenever I turn on my iPod for entertainment. But what do you think, viewer? I hope your opinion can help me decide whether delving into this piece is worth it.

Uomo di Speranza


  1. Interesing! I'm a new follower :] Great blog!

    Book Addict

  2. I heart my Macbook Pro! RIP Steve Jobs!

    Xpresso Reads

  3. The youtube captions on the video are hard to follow, can you please post the words that were said for the benefit of the Deaf, the Hard-of-hearing, and those of us with broken computer speakers? Thank you.

  4. The Color of Water is one of the best books ever written about how hard life was back then. The story that James McBride and how his family lived through so many hard times are really interesting. One of the problems with it is the way that in one chapter it talks about him and in another one his mother is telling her story. Other than that the story is really awesome.


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