Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just a Little Something New...

I must take the time now to sincerely express my utmost gratitude to all of you miraculous people who have taken the time out of your busy lives to take a gander at the philosophical ranterings of an unknown teenage philosopher. You really have no idea how much I appreciate it. But on that note, I imagine that this blog is getting a bit preditable for the majority of it's readers; every week a new analysis of a piece of literature and how it connects to modern life... The absolute last thing that I desire to execute, and trust me on this, is to make the American period of being even more cumbersome. The aforementioned statement and the fact that I imagine reading about my life so much can get rather exasperating (this is the part where you bashfully shake your head saying, "Of course not" while all your mental script consists of is "Wow, he finally figured that out")  have caused me to "kick it up a notch", as the exquisite chef Emril Lagasse says. Meditations of a Teenage Philosopher  will now include a section where I post a piece of my creative writing each month for your personal reading please. The name of such a feature? "A Monthly Slice of Creative Writing." So now in addition to reading the posts, you may click on the page tab labeled "Who Wants a Slice?" and see what piece of original literature has been composed from the haphazard contents of my mind. You can eye this month's slice right here.
     You now may have noticed that this post does not beckon the substantial sum of pondering that all writings on this weblog do; well, as you may have guessed I cannot permit you to leave that easily. So as to prepare for my next post that should be published some time before next weekend, I have a question for you: What is sacrifice? 
     Think, my good friends, or even comment if you wish, because your thoughts can save the world.


  1. I’d say that sacrifice is the discovery of universal oneness. But do we, as Europeans or Americans, know what that word means anymore?

  2. Great comment, you're suggesting that by sacrifing, we see what little difference our sacrifice makes in the vast interconnnectedness of the world. And I'm SO sorry for not posting sooner-my life's gotton hectic beyond control at this point in time. I call it my personal March Madness. Rest assured, some writing covereing my own view on this topic will be forthcoming!


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