Friday, December 31, 2010

To Leave You In Suspense...

I have only this to say-holy crap, that was that unbelievable.
     These words are typed by the fingers of a person who stayed up until a quarter after midnight last night reading Suzzanne Collins' masterpiece-and yes, I went there-masterpiece, Mockingjay. The best part, however, was that half of that time was not spent deciphering the words that forged the as always riveting plot line, but thinking about the meaning of those words in the larger scheme of the story. This is only the second piece of literature that has contained such an ingeniously moving message paired with a story line that could make you forget to comsume sustenance. I must stop there, however, because the clock is ticking and I must see the end of the year through the eyes of American culture.
      The entire review, I promise, will come tomorrow-the first of January, two thousand and eleven. Wow, does that feel so strange to this rate, I'll be graduating high school in the blink of an eye. I hope all of your holidays were absolutely wonderful and that your new years resolutions for 2010 have all become true. Sailing in that ocean, I also decided to give this blog a bit of a late Christmas present: a complete makeover! The premiere layout was thrown together on Thanksgiving day and had not been expanded much since then, but now I hope that this webpage looks quite exquisite.   There are also now links to different pages, one of them a new section-Fiction! The creation of this page was the product of me finally figuring out that maybe some people would rather read new and original work rather then comments about the pieces that others have composed. One should always plan to give something equal in value to what they have recieved, for otherwise they might as well as not have recieved it in the first place. What would happen  if the roots of a plant absorbed water, but the stem refused to grow? The single farmer betting his entire life every day on the harvest from his crops would not waste his time sprinkling water onto that plant, now would he?
       Even though the notion has come out of an almost totally unrelated topic, that is what I would like you to keep in mind as we charge foward into the new year. Give back what you have recieved, because in the end, water is not given to plants that do not grow, wings are not passed to fledglings who dont't fly, voices not embedded within those who don't speak...
     Life is not given to those who do not live.


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